Žimžekler Group focused on meeting customer requirements, considering environmental factors, in order to adapt to the emerging technology and its conditions by effective cost accounts ship chandlery, ship repair & maintenance and on the ship breaking industry.

Since its establishment, starring the needs and requirements of customers in every industry with maximum service quality, satisfaction, trying to meet the Turkish and international maritime targets to increase its contribution to continue the progress.

The company is continuing to work for the effectiveness of environmental values ​​and security, developing and in order to prevent environmental pollution which is in the terms of the characteristics of the sector.

The company is based on a minimum quality management system ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 between the long-term objectives and basic principles of zero sea and environmental pollution and liability and continues therefore its activities.

Encouraging safety, health and environmental efforts and reducing the environmental impact according the legislations of the International IMO-ILO-BASEL liabilities have become the basic principles of the company.

With the aim of actively working on the implementation of this principle continuously identifying and evaluating the environmental aspects of activities,  to continue the procedure, identification of targets , setting targets, targets associated with fulfilment of required applications, monitoring of the effectiveness of this application, based to undertake the correction of goals and objectives.

During performing its activities, the company intends human injury and aims to prevent the loss of life, provides the safety of employees and third parties relating the ship dismantling process and to prevent damages of the sea and environment.

Clear view of senior executives and managers, innovative ideas and instructions for the development and implementation of the company’s philosophy provide an invaluable contribution.